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Piano Restoration Repairs Rebuilding Reconditioning

Piano Action RepairFull action rebuilding to factory specs.

Piano Action Repair NJCustom tone regulation or voicing.

  • Piano Repairs

    Not all pianos are worth the expense of reconditioning or rebuilding. In consultation with your piano technician, you should consider the following factors:

    The overall condition of the piano.

    Can it really be restored to original condition or is it deteriorated beyond repair? Pianos subjected to severe fire, flood, or moving damage may not be repairable.

    The quality, size, and type of the piano.

    Low priced, small pianos of poor design have limited potential. If the rebuilt piano would not be capable of meeting your performance needs, it would be better to replace it with one of better design.

    The cost of repairs versus replacement.

    Major repairs may exceed the value of small low-quality pianos. However, most large high-quality instruments can be rebuilt for one-half to two-thirds the cost of a comparable new piano, making rebuilding a cost-effective option for fine pianos.

    Sentimental value. Personal attachment or historical value may justify investing in major repairs rather than replacement.