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Piano Restoration Work Done on Premises

Prime Piano Restoration Work NY NJ, does piano restoration work on Steinway, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Baldwin, Kawai, Schimmel,Bechstein, Mason Hamlin and other fine pianos. Work done by registered Piano Technicians Guild piano technician with 30 + years experience.

Piano Restoration Work

Airborne mold smoke and soot piano damage recovery includes:

Piano Restoration Work

Complete disassembly of piano action. Hand cleaning of all moving parts with appropriate abatement solutions.
Complete Superstructure and hand cleaning of soundboard, plate, strings, wrest plank, legs, lyre, pedals and trap work.
Exterior compound polishing of Polyester. French polishing of lacquer or ebonized finishes.
Ozone Bath minimum 5 days enclosed.
Immediate pick up and deliver with quick turnover.
Insured at all points transport and storage.
Client satisfaction guaranteed with references available upon request.